10th Class Result 2019

10th Class Result 2019

10th Class Result 2019

The detailed 10th class result 2019 is available over our website which means you can check the 10th result by roll no, father name, school code as well as district code so buckle up because result is just here!

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What Is the date of Result?

The date for 10th class result 2019 has been annouced by Educational Boards of Pakistan as 15th July 2019.

How can I check my Result?

You can check your 10th class result 2019 via our website 10classresult.com.

How can I get my result by SMS?

You can get your 10th class result via SMS by sending your roll number in a sms to 8055.

10 Class Result

10 class result

We have tried our best to make the checking process for the 10th class result 2019 easy for the students because we know the confusion and tension students go through while checking their result. We have all been in the same position when we were students, so that was the primary motivation behind setting up this website.

Our team has picked up bise punjab gazette and have uploaded the 10th class result 2019 over our website now the student would be able to check the result just by entering their name and roll number, there are a few alternative ways to check the 10th class result 2019 which we’ll tell you in the later part of this article.

10th Class Result

10th Class Result has been announced all over Pakistan and with the help of our website student would be able to check their 10th class result 2019.

10th Class examinations are held by the Board Of Secondary Education (BISE), BISE has its branches in all the major cities of Pakistan. All those branches are themselves responsible for conducting, managing 10 class exams. Today all those Bise Boards would be announcing the result.

BISE education boards govern the 10 class examinations in all the cities and districts of Pakistan and would announce the 10th class result 2019 on the same date. So stay tuned to our website.

10th Class Result 2019 Check by Roll no

Every year the matriculation students get allocated with the roll number slips which accounts for their examination presence as well as used in the authentic publication of their result.

10th Class Result 2019 Check by Roll no feature is available on our website, and when the student will insert their roll number we’ll check their result from the BISE website.

10th Class Result 2019 Check by Father Name

While applying for 10th Class Examinations we have to supply all our family information to the Board Of Secondary and Intermedia Education (BISE) that also includes our father name which is then used by them to account the result for the student under their father name.

You can check your 10th class result 2019 by father name as well via our website.

10th Class Result 2019 Check by School Code

10th Class Result 2019 check by school code approach is used by students when they can’t find their 10th class result in the result gazette and this approach should only be used then because there are thousands of students who have the same school code as yours and it’ll make the result checking process extremely tedious.

2019 10th Class Result

Official links of board websites for Result

Matric Result 2019 Punjab Boards

In case you are visiting our website before the official announcement of the result, we are very sorry, but we can’t tell you the result now. The 10th class result 2019 will be available on 15 July 2019.The class 10 result is significant in student lives because it helps them get admission in the college and intermediate examinations. If the student gets successful to score more than 90% marks in exams then Punjab College will cover all his education expenses that why many parents ask their students to work as hard to possible because they want their children to score more than 90 percent.

Tenth Class Result 2019

Though the 90 percent criteria are not available in Pre Medical field if you want to take Admission in FSc Premedical you would have to score more than 94 percent (which means you should have more than 85% marks in 9th class) in your 10th class result 2019.

Our website will provide you the 10th class result 2019 from all the educational boards of Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan And Azad Kashmir.

In the past few years, Governments of Pakistan has emphasized a lot in building and improving the education infrastructure of Pakistan. The Ministry of Education is working very closely with all the educational institutes to take the Pakistani education system to its peak.

Our Governments are trying their best to bring the level of education in Pakistan at the same place at the education of foreign countries stand so that our students would not have to go to foreign countries for quality education.

10th Class Result 2019 represents the significant achievements done by our Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education institutes because as per the strict rules and regulations set by Education Ministry the cheating in the examination center and the overall paper checking infrastructure has improved a lot. Now only those students get passed in the class 10 result examinations who have studied the whole year or have at least the understanding of the subject.

Matric Result 2019

The 10th Class Position Holders were announced last night, and you could find their names on the internet. Those are the students who have worked very hard for these exams, and now they deserve appreciation.

The Position Holding students have been called to invite them to their respective Bise Board head office where they would be given a certificate along with the prize for their exceptional performance in exams by the Government Of Pakistan.

Every year the number of students appearing the yearly exams is increasing, which means all the efforts poured by the education ministry are going towards the right direction but there is a minor issue the people are getting awareness for the result of 10 class and they are sending their students for examination but the pass percentage has been affected by this exposure which means a lot of students do appear in the exams but they fail to perform well, and that is a sector our education has got to improve.

The reason behind strict rules in result matric 2019 is that students achieve a certain status after passing SSC exams, and their mental level could not be checked after 10 class examinations because they proceed to intermediate studies that’s the reason that passes percentage is quite low in matric as compared to inter because only deserving students get promoted to the next class.

BISE Lahore Board 10th Class Result 2019

As we all know that Bise Lahore Board conducted the 10th class examinations in March and have decided to produce its result of 15th of July 2019. Our website is always in touch with biselahore.com, and we will publish the Lahore Board 10th class result 2019 over our website as soon as it gets announced by the board officials.

Not only we’ll publish the 10th class result 2019 we will also upload the result of districts which come under Lahore jurisdiction such as Okara, Larkana, Shiekhupura and Nankana Sahib result. Lahore is the biggest province of Punjab that’s why the education quality in Lahore is far better than the other cities of Pakistan.

BISE Gujranwala Board Result

Bise Gujranwala result 2019 is expected to be announced on 25th July 2019. The BISE GRW result class 10 has kept students waiting anxiously for the past few months but now its time to bust that confusion bubble because the result is going to be announced on the above-mentioned date and it’ll be available over our website as soon as it gets announced so please keep visiting our site until you get your result.

The Gujranwala board position holders were announced last night that means its time for you guys to have the moment of reflection and get your Gujranwala board result.

BISE Multan Board

Back when Pakistan got independence from the British there were only a handful of educational institutes authorized to conduct the examinations of the students than in 1954 Government passed an act which gave the provinces the rights to conduct examinations of students the way they want resulting in the birth of Multan Board, and after the day Multan board was established there has been no looking back. Multan Board has worked tirelessly on the education system as well as their official website bisemultan.edu.pk to conduct and announce fare result for Multan board matric examinations.

BISE Faisalabad Board Result

Bise Faisalabad is responsible for conducting and announcing the bise Faisalabad result, though the process is relatively simple it gets start by the board when they announce the Faisalabad board date sheets after that date sheets gets published and sent to students, after a few month students appear for the examinations and gain entry into examination board by showing roll number slips and then the Faisalabad board marks those papers and announced the result on their site bisefsd.edu.pk.
BISEFSD result 2019 would be rigorous because of the Governments new strict checking guidelines to the education boards.

BISE Sargodha Board Result

The date for Sargodha board result has been set for mid-July. Board of Secondary and Intermediate Education (BISE Sargodha) has announced the result matric 2019, and we are pleased because students should feel relieved now of the pressure that was on them for the past few weeks. We have also been down on the same road, and we know how exactly that feels the wait of the result it feels like there is soo much weight on your shoulders. Well, the good news is here the load on shoulders in now relieved because of its time for bisesargodha.edu.pk result.

BISE Rawalpindi Board Result

2019 BISE Rawalpindi 10 class examinations were conducted in March, and now the bise Rawalpindi have decided to announce its result in the last week of July. As far as we know, the date finalized in the last week of July is 25th, but we’ll publish the confirm date on our website as soon as we get an official update from bise Rawalpindi.

BISE RWP result will be available on the web page biserwp.edu.pk from 25th July onwards you can the result from official as well as our website, the data on both sites is precise because we all pull the result back from the official website.

BISE Bahawalpur Board Result

One of the leading examination boards in Pakistan (Bahawalpur Board) is going to announce result of 10th on 25th July 2019. The result will be available on the Bahawalpur board web which is bisebwp.edu.pk the result will be announced at 10:10 sharp so jump onto our or Bahawalpur Board website on time so that you could quickly check, download print your matriculation result.

DG Khan Board Result

Dera Ghazi Khan students can now check their dera ghazi khan result over our website. The students would be able to view, print, download the result with the help of our website. The result would also be able to see over biseghkhan.edu.pk, or you can also check by clicking on the button below.

BISE Sahiwal Board Result

We have implemented unique technology on our website which allows the students to check their Sahiwal board result easily. The official domain of the board is bisesahiwal.edu.pk, and you should go over there right now to check your result 2019. Bise Result 2019 is a massive success in the education department of Pakistan because of this we have been able to discover so many new and talented students in Pakistan.